Is poverty the business of Memphis?

Once again A Memphis Conversation considers leadership in our community, not just by politpoverty-rate-memphisicians and governmental institutions, but non-profit agencies and other people and entities that are in a position to provide leadership. Many identify poverty as the primary problem in Memphis. In this discussion, it is suggested that those in poverty may be pawns of others who use them for political power and financial gain. Furthermore, that given the governmental and private financial resources devoted to the issue of poverty, that it could be the main business of Memphis, a business which some may wish to sustain for their own benefit. The question is raised as to which type of organization may be in the best position to truly address the problem of poverty in our city and are those in top positions in those organizations the ones who should continue in those roles.

Those involved in A Memphis Conversation find our talks both informative, useful, and enjoyable. We think it is important that our community discusses matters that matter, invite you to listen to our conversation, and encourage you to participate in civil discussion with those you know.

Duration: 55 minutes, 53 seconds


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