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November 24, 2017

Are your “broken windows” the government’s business?

broken-windowIn August, 2016, we discussed the idea of “broken windows” contributing to overall decline in civil society. Basically, the “broken windows” concept is that if little issues are ignored they will lead to big issues. “Broken windows” became well known as a policing concept applied in New York City.

In our previous discussion, Eddie Settles and Ken Welch basically endorsed the “broken windows’ concept and, therefore, fell in the camp of believing little violations of civility should be addressed before they grow into major problems.

After the discussion, Ken Welch recalled past conversations with others about private property, what rights people had to use and maintain their own property as they saw fit, whether residential or commercial property, so long as the property or its use did not directly, physically, infringe on another person’s property or public property. He found he was conflicted.

So in this conversation, we revisit the “broken windows” concept of government oversight of property uses/condition, discussing the rights of private property owners. We further delve into the public laws generally as they affect behavior and the logic society may apply in both legal and personal relations.

Duration: 33 minutes, 3 seconds