Behind the School Walls After Unification: An Insight

classroom-genericWhat is it like in the schools and how is that different in the unified school district compared to the separate Memphis city and Shelby County districts? We took the wonderful opportunity December 14, 2013, to get first hand answers to that question when White Station High School senior Grace Hugueley joined us to explore that question. Her father, Darrell Hugueley, is one of our regular conversationalists and is a teacher at White Station High School. So we got perspectives from student and teacher.

Some of the observations are that food is better, security is about the same, morale is better than expected. We also talk about differences between optional school classes and regular classes, which can be dramatic, and about academics and discipline in the schools now compared to decades ago.

We invite you to listen to our conversation, then engage in the conversation with those you know.

Length: 1 hour, 5 minutes, 51 seconds

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