Concussions, Cash, and Conduct in American Football

football-ballIs U.S. American football a game that has gone too far? Are recent revelations of the risk of permanent brain injury due to concussions sufficient to curtail the game? Has the huge sum of money involved, particularly in college and professional football programs, adversely affected the coaches, players and spectators? If so, have we abandoned ethical conduct for the entertainment value? The conversationalists kick these topics around as we discuss the game of, the business of, and the consequences of football.

Length 29 minutes, 1 second.


2 Comments to “Concussions, Cash, and Conduct in American Football”

  1. The whole conversation about football is tied to why we think kids and young men “need” it. I think this podcast explores that idea. I hope those who listen will think deeply about why we are so enthralled with the sport.

  2. I’ve said it before when the evidence became public and I’ll say it again, as a graduate of what is now the University of Memphis, the school’s athletic program is an embarrassment and frequently disgusting exhibition of poor sportsmanship, cheating, no class, and, I suspect, academic shenanigans.

    Even in winning a post-season football game the athletic program became involved in an ugly fight scene.

    I feel rather confident that the problems that so humiliate me as an U of M graduate are common in many other institutions of higher learning.

    U of M intercollegiate athletics should be closed down. Intercollegiate athletics generally should be closed down. Continuing them involves such ethical duplicity I don’t see how they can be defended.

    Athletics at colleges should become intramural and focused on recreation and physical exercise. If professional sports wish to train college age people for possible future sports careers, let them establish separate farm clubs, similar to baseball’s farm team system.

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