Our primary purpose is to discuss matters of public policy in an informed manner and encourage others to do so, all doing so with civility.

Any number of subjects fall with in the category of public issues which may be appropriate for discussion: politics, sociology, education, religion, etc.

Our governments are founded on the concept that they are created by the consent of and shaped by the people. For this to work well, the people need to be informed, share ideas, debate concepts, find areas of consensus, and where disagreement might continue, to remain polite. The people seek to self-govern, convince, and interact by force of ideas.

Our main focus area is the City of Memphis, Tennessee, the County of Shelby, and the State of Tennessee, with occasional forays into matters that matter in a national or even wider sense.

We hope you will listen to some of our conversations and be inspired to engage in conversation with your family, friends, and colleagues about matters that matter in the public policy arena.


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